youth volunteer activities


Fun and Creative Youth Volunteer Activities


family build day

Three to four times a year, Austin Habitat will hold a Family Build Day during which families and children of all ages lay sod, define flower beds, spread mulch, plant trees, rake and sweep, and do other fun activities alongside our partner families. Check the Volunteer Calendar to find the next scheduled Family Build Day.

Other Fun Activities

  • Decorate the studs with blessings or messages to the partner family
  • Build birdhouses, flower boxes, key chains or simple picture frames
  • Become an advocate of Austin Habitat’s mission and spread awareness about the need for affordable homeownership
  • Serve lunch or snacks at the work site
  • Build items like birdhouses, playhouses, mailboxes, dollhouses and others that we can sell at the ReStore to help build a home
  • Fundraise creatively, like a “Nickels for Nails” drive, or ask your friends to donate according to their shoe size
  • Use social media to help Austin Habitat to raise awareness and funds

activities by age

These age-appropriate activities are broken into general age categories for easy reference. However, many of these ideas will be useful and appropriate for multiple age ranges or can be used in a modified form.
Ages 5 and up

  • Make a welcome basket for the homeowner family
  • Sing a song at the dedication
  • Draw or color greeting cards to be sold or thank-you notes to send to donors

Ages 7 and up

  • Coordinate a birthday gift project for partner family children
  • Build a house out of Legos and send a picture of it to Austin Habitat, and take it to school to share!

Ages 10 and up

  • Construct and paint flower boxes to be used as housewarming gifts
  • Design a T-shirt

Ages 12 and up

  • Paint birdhouses or flower boxes for homeowners
  • Produce a video about affordable housing issues in Austin
  • Write a letter to your legislators advocating for policies that promote affordable homeownership

Ages 15 and up

  • Build picnic or lunch tables
  • Tutor our partner family children
  • Run a social media campaign