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Meet Whitney & Aaden Washington

Whitney Washington is no stranger to hard work. At the age of 17, she moved out of her parent’s home in Bastrop to begin supporting herself in Austin. She received an education through American YouthWorks, and right after her classes would take two buses across town to her job. For the past four years, she has worked as a production clerk for Neubus. For the past two, she has been simultaneously working one of the most important jobs that exists: motherhood.

Aaden Washington (2) is wise beyond his years. He was moved into a classroom with 3 year olds, can already count to 10 in Spanish, and is beginning to learn sign language with Whitney. His education and well-being are very important to her, but currently these things are suffering. The two live in a small one bedroom apartment in a dangerous area. Whitney will not even let Aaden on their porch out of fear for his safety, and hides the fact that there is a park nearby from him. Instead, she drives outside of the city once a week so he can play in the outdoors. “The things I’m most excited about are all about my son,” she says.

While making Aaden's life better is priority number one, Whitney also looks forward to having more stability and being able to go back to school. "I like my job, but I need a career. I did everything a little backwards - the kid, the house, the career. I'm ready to get stable in my home and in my life." She's also hoping to become a better cook, and can't wait to have Thanksgiving at her home one day. "Hopefully I'll even be a soccer mom!" she exclaims. 

Whitney wants to thank everyone who is making this next stage of her life possible, and "God bless you too!"

Whitney & Aaden Washington will be the recipients of all proceeds from Amplify Austin. If you'd like to schedule your Amplify gift, you can click this link

If you would like to be an Amplify ambassador for Austin Habitat on March 8th & 9th, a social media kit is available for your use.