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Building a home, one pint at a time

The craft brewing community in Austin is active, unique, and strong. In 2014 they decided to combine that strength and collaborative spirit to build something great for the betterment of our community. The House That Beer Built aims to bring local craft breweries and beer lovers together to raise $100,000 to fully sponsor the construction of a new home. By choosing to build an Austin Habitat home, brewers get to work alongside their peers, customers, and the deserving family who will move into the home they build.



Meet the Suarez Family
Lucila Suarez and her son, Javier (9) share a three-bedroom home with three different generations of her family. Five people share the home, making conditions extremely crowded and forcing Lucila and Javier to share a room. As a pre-school teacher, she is unable to save for a market-value home in Austin. When she found out about the Habitat program, she jumped on the opportunity to be able to create a more stable and self-reliant future for herself and Javier.

How You Can Help

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To volunteer contact Becca Halbert at 512-472-8788 ext. 124 or for more information.


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