The Perez Family

Jaqueline was born in Dallas, but has lived in Austin, Texas, for most of her life. When Jacqueline’s mother was pregnant with her, her parents moved to Dallas from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. When Jacqueline was 2, her family moved to Austin, where they still work in the flooring industry. 

It’s been 26 years since they moved from Mexico, and she and her siblings are still living at home. In the 26 years she’s been alive, “We haven’t gotten too far. We got comfortable, we forgot why we were here, we forgot what we were supposed to do.” She wishes she could erase the aging spots on her father’s hands, and prove to him that she finally did what they came to the US to do. To Jacqueline, being the first to get a degree is key - a degree would prove to her parents that their struggle was worth it.

In her parents’ home, Jacqueline shares a bedroom with her 1 year 5 month old daughter Jasmine, her older sister and her 12 year-old son, her younger sister and her 6 year-old son, her brother and his two children, and her parents, who currently sleep in the living room to allow their children to share a bedroom with the grandchildren.

Jacqueline is profoundly thankful that she’ll always have home base with her parents, and that her parents always go out of their way to help them. However, after giving birth to Jasmine, bringing the household up to 11 people including nieces and nephews, Jacqueline is feeling the pressure of an overcrowded home.

What breaks her heart the most is that Jacqueline has noticed that her daughter’s development is being limited due to the high foot traffic at home. There isn’t enough space for her to play, and she hasn’t yet learned to walk since she’s distracted from practicing motor skills or they’re asked to leave the living room so other family members can watch TV.

Owning a home will allow Jacqueline to let go of the sadness of her situation and raise her daughter in a better environment. She wants the security of not having to move, leaving her daughter’s bath toys in the tub, and not accidentally eating someone else’s leftovers. She wants the security for herself, her daughter, and her parents. She is so proud she  made it. She’s in her own home.