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New style of affordable homes coming to Mueller area in East Austin (KVUE) -- August 2nd, 2019

Townhome development coming to Mueller area in Austin (KVUE) -- August 2nd, 2019

Affordable multifamily housing becomes focus for Austin Habitat for Humanity (Curbed Austin) -- August 1st, 2019

Austin Habitat for Humanity developing two new projects in East Austin (Community Impact) -- July 30th, 2019

FOX 7 Discussion: Austin Habitat for Humanity (FOX 7) -- July 30th, 2019

Habitat for Humanity dedicates 6 new homes as Austin affordability crisis prompts shifts in tactics (Austin American Statesman) -- July 27th, 2019

Habitat for Humanity can't afford to keep building single-family homes in Austin (KXAN) -- July 26th, 2019

City helps more residents stay in their homes with repairs (Austin American Statesman) -- July 15th, 2019
Giving City: Austin Habitat taking a new approach to housing (Austin American Statesman) -- June 14th, 2019

Habitat for Humanity to build large-scale affordable housing complex (KXAN) -- May 22nd, 2019

Habitat for Humanity plans for affordable housing complex in East Austin (KVUE) -- May 14th, 2019

Austin cuts red tape for affordable housing developers (Austin Business Journal) -- May 10th, 2019

Council passes affordable housing density bonus program (Austin Monitor) -- May 10th, 2019

First look: Habitat for Humanity's Plan for 50-plus condos in East Austin (Austin Business Journal) -- May 7th, 2019

Is Austin About to Make it Easier for Affordable Housing to Get Built? (Shelterforce) -- May 7th, 2019

Check Out These Great Corporate Volunteering Opportunities in Austin (Commercial Cafe) -- April 23rd, 2019

Texas Sen. Kirk Watson plans his 'day of service' when he will act as governor (KXAN) -- April 5th, 2019

2019's top green homebuilder: Austin Habitat for Humanity (Austin Business Journal) -- March 7th, 2019

Bastrop head start worker secures Habitat for Humanity home in Smithville (Austin Statesman) -- March 5th, 2019

Habitat for Humanity teams up with Kendra Scott for 'Women Build Austin' (KVUE) -- March 2nd, 2019

Affordable housing becoming less affordable (KVUE) -- February 23rd, 2019

Widely supported affordable housing program could bring more dense, subsidized developments into all Austin neighborhoods (Community Impact) -- February 6th, 2019

Austin City Council reviews relaxing restrictions for affordable housing (KXAN) -- February 5th, 2019


Austin Habitat For Humanity Opens ReStore Location In San Marcos (Corridor News) -- December 18th, 2018

Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build (CBS) -- November 27th, 2018

Austin Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build (Spectrum News) -- November 27th, 2018

Habitat for Humanity Unveils New Home (Spectrum News) -- November 27th, 2018

Local Insights: Austin Habitat for Humanity (KLBJ) -- September 18, 2018

PIMCO Executive Leadership Award (Austin Chamber) -- August 2018

2018 Profiles in Power: Phyllis Snodgrass of Austin Habitat for Humanity (Austin Business Journal) -- August 2018

Keep Austin Affordable Holds Rally for Affordable Housing Bond (Spectrum News) -- August 22nd, 2018

East Austin families to get keys to first ever "net zero" homes   (KXAN) -- July 28th, 2018

Austin Habitat for Humanity helps East Austin families (FOX 7) -- July 28th, 2018

Austin Habitat for Humanity Builds First Energy-Efficient Homes (Spectrum News) -- July 20th, 2018

Austin Energy Green Building ReStore Case Study -- July 10th, 2018

Bike to work day this Friday (KVUE) -- May 16th, 2018

Habitat for Humanity disappointed but hopeful with CodeNEXT (KXAN) -- May 16th, 2018

Phyllis Snodgrass (Austin Woman) -- April 30th, 2018 

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore (KLBJ FM) -- April 9th, 2018

Texas School Finance Commission hears testimony on property taxes (KXAN) -- April 6th, 2018

Local Insights: Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore (KLBJ) -- April 6, 2018

Habitat for Humanity Merger Focuses on Home Affordability (Spectrum News) -- March 8th, 2018 

Affordable housing advocates: CodeNEXT Draft 3 moves in the 'wrong direction' (Community Impact) -- February 22nd, 2018

Newest CodeNEXT draft gets criticism from all sides (Austin Monitor) -- February 22nd, 2018

Affordable housing advocates push back against latest CodeNext draft (Austin American-Statesman) -- February 21st, 2018

Austin Habitat for Humanity to Build Net Zero Homes (Spectrum News) -- February 9th, 2018

Austin Habitat for Humanity begins work on "net zero" homes (Austin American-Statesman) -- February 9th, 2018

"Net Zero" Homes are Sustainable. Now, Some In Austin Will Also Be Affordable (KUT) -- February 9th, 2018

Kendra Scott, Habitat for Humanity team up to build playhouses for children in need (KVUE) -- January 11th, 2018


New project helps tackle housing affordability crisis (CBS Austin) -- November 29th, 2017 

In This New Neighborhood, None of the Homeowners Own The Land (KUT/Austin Monitor) -- November 28th, 2017  

Local nonprofit building homes to offset housing crisis (Spectrum News) -- November 29th, 2017

'Blitz Build' project bringing affordable housing back to native Austinites (KVUE) -- November 28th, 2017 

Austinite to receive new home as part of Habitat for Humanity's 'blitz build' (KXAN) -- November 28th, 2017

"Unity" home completed (Austin-American Statesman) -- November 17, 2017

Go Repair! Closes Application Window for Local Nonprofits (Austin Chronicle) -- August 31, 2017

Shop the ultimate recycling project at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore (Austin-American Statesman) -- August 25, 2017

Plaza Saltillo's Affordable Habitat (Austin Chronicle) -- August 24, 2017

Council looks to adjust TOD density bonus programs (Austin Monitor) -- August 23, 2017

Advocates in Austin Rally Against Proposed Cuts to Federal Housing Funds (KUT) -- July 24, 2017

Affordable housing activists protest housing budget cuts (KXAN) -- July 23, 2017

Federal cuts could worsen Austin's affordability crisis, groups say (Austin-American Statesman) -- July 22, 2017

Affordable Housing advocates protest cuts to Housing and Urban Development (KVUE) -- July 22, 2017

Proposed HUD funding cuts could impact thousands in Austin (KXAN) -- July 17, 2017

From the Desk of Phyllis Snodgrass (Austin Woman) -- July 1, 2017

Non-profits going door-to-door for CodeNEXT (Spectrum News) -- June 25, 2017

Evolve Austin wants to make the case for density (The Austin Monitor) -- June 20, 2017

Say yes to communities, no to cuts (The Texas Tribune) -- June 2, 2017

Affordable remodeling and redecorating (FOX 7) -- June 1, 2017

Interested in CodeNEXT? You should be (Austin EcoNetwork) -- May 19, 2017

Austin Habitat for Humanity Hit Hard by Rising Land Cost in Austin (Spectrum News) -- May 18, 2017

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (KVUE) -- May 18, 2017

Austin Habitat for Humanity leads first ever youth build (KVUE News) -- May 13, 2017

SXSW event helps tackle affordable housing in Austin (FOX 7) -- March 11, 2017 

Proposed Austin code rules will impact everyone living in Austin (KXAN) -- February 1, 2017

Viewpoint: CodeNEXT has the potential to become affordability's biggest ally in Austin (Austin Business Journal) -- February 2, 2017

Commentary: CodeNEXT can be Austin affordability's biggest ally (Austin-American Statesman) -- January 31, 2017


Turn Light Bulbs into Christmas Ornaments (KXAN Studio512) -- December 20, 2016

Habitat for Humanity Builds Two Homes (TWC News) -- December 16, 2016

Austin district properties fetch up to $90 million in bids (Austin-American Statesman) -- December 14, 2016

Best of Both Worlds at Habitat ReStore (TWC News) -- December 10, 2016

Rising property values in Austin create challenges for Habitat for Humanity (FOX 7) -- December 4, 2016

'Holiday Blitz Build' Provides Homes for Refugees (TWC News) -- November 30, 2016

Austin's steep housing prices impacting Habitat for Humanity (KVUE) -- November 30, 2016

Two Ethiopian refugee families get the gift of a new home (KXAN) -- November 29, 2016

4 numbers to know about today’s Austin affordable housing ‘Blitz Build’ (Community Impact) -- November 29, 2016

Habitat for Humanity "Blitz Build" (KVUE) -- November 29, 2016

Local teen builds with Jimmy Carter, Garth Brooks for Habitat for Humanity (KXAN) -- August 30, 2016

Burmese families to be neighbors in Habitat community (Austin-American Statesman) -- July 16, 2016

Keys of Habitat for Humanity homes handed over to family (KXAN) -- June 27, 2016

Habitat for Humanity Block Party Inaugurates New Homes (TWC News) -- June 27, 2016

Habitat for Humanity celebrates 11 new homes built (KEYE TV) -- June 25, 2016

Bond-Funded Feature: Westgate Grove (HousingWorks Austin) -- June 2016

Austin nonprofit discovers perfect habitat in old Chuck E. Cheese's (Austin Business Journal) -- June 3, 2016

Updates set for West Gate Blvd (Community Impact) -- May 25, 2016

Austin Women Tackle Affordability with Girls' Night Out (Austin Woman) -- May 2016

Girl power + Habitat power (Habitat for Humanity International Website) -- May 2016

Home Improvements for Less: Habitat ReStore (TWC News House Proud) -- May 9, 2016

Habitat for Humanity to build home in SE Austin (KEYE TV) -- May 6, 2016

Volunteers Unite for Women Build Week and Habitat for Humanity (The Austinot) -- May 3, 2016

Austin Habitat for Humanity empowers women through service (TWC News) -- April 28, 2016

Helping build new homes (FOX 7) -- April 28, 2016

Council OKs road resolution for housing project (Austin Monitor) -- April 22, 2016

Maureen's Legacy (Habitat: The Magazine for Habitat for Humanity International) -- May Issue, 2016 

Blueprints and Blue Jeans 2016 (Austin Monthly's On the Scene) -- April 14, 2016

Council approves fee-in-lieu for more housing (Austin Monitor) -- April 5, 2016

Easy to Make Lovely Plant Displays (KXAN's Studio512) -- April 1, 2016

Cielo moves ahead with innovative East Austin project with City Council's approval (Austin Business Journal) -- April 1, 2016

Developer's affordability deal includes help for Habitat for Humanity (Austin-American Statesman) -- March 31, 2016

Meet Phyllis Snodgrass, CEO of Austin Habitat for Humanity (Austin Business Journal) -- March 25, 2016

Austin Habitat builds first Bastrop home (Austin-American Statesman) -- March 10, 2016

Good Measure (Habitat for Humanity International Magazine) -- February Issue, 2016

Teen building home in honor of his mother, who died of cancer (Austin-American Statesman) -- February 14, 2016

Making Reuse Mainstream (The Austin Chronicle) -- February 12, 2016

Austin Teen Builds Home for Family in Need to Honor his Mother (Time Warner Cable News) -- February 10, 2016

Teen Builds Home as Memorial to His Mother (Austin-American Statesman Video) -- February 9, 2016

Taylor Thompson Interview (KUT) -- January 25, 2016

Austin teen builds home in memory of mom (Fox 7) -- January 23, 2016 


Two families receive keys to new Habitat for Humanity homes (KVUE News) -- December 18, 2015

Ho ho homes for the holidays: cheers abound at Habitat's Blitz Build (KVUE News) -- December 1, 2015

Austin Habitat for Humanity Opens New ReStore (Time Warner Cable News) -- November 21, 2015

Austin Habitat celebrates new headquarters, CEO (Austin Monitor) -- November 19, 2015

Local teen building home in memory of his mother (KXAN) -- November 3, 2015

Habitat for Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Photo Gallery (Austin Way) -- October 27, 2015

Kitchen Drawer Upcycle with the ReStore (KXAN Studio512) -- October 23, 2015

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Community Impact) -- October 21, 2015

A Place to Call Their Own (Tribeza) -- October Architecture Issue, 2015 

Austin Habitat for Humanity restoring home for Bastrop County couple (Austin American Statesman) -- October 17th, 2015 

Onion Creek Flood Victim Reaches New Heights with Austin Habitat For Humanity (HousingWorks) -- October 15th, 2015

Austin Chamber COO resigns to focus on affordable housing (Austin Business Journal) -- October 7th, 2015

Austin Habitat for Humanity names new CEO (Austin American-Statesman) -- October 6, 2015

Affordable homes for sale in new SW Austin community (KEYE TV) (HomeBase) -- August 6, 2015

HomeBase: A New Community of Affordable Homes (City of Austin News) -- August 5, 2015

SW Austin subdivision will be home to low-income residents (KXAN) (HomeBase) -- August 5, 2015

Non-profit Helping Those in Need Upgrade Homes (Fox 7) -- July 20, 2015 

Upcycled Lighting Ideas with the ReStore (KXAN Studio512) -- July 9, 2015

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Fox 7 News) -- July 1, 2015

Home, Expensive Home (Austin Monthly) -- July Neighborhoods Issue, 2015

Affordable Housing Community Arises in Travis County (Austin American Statesman) -- June 6, 2015 

Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore: DIY upcycling a chandelier (KXAN Studio512) -- April 30, 2015

Pricey real estate changing the way Habitat for Humanity builds in Austin (KXAN) -- April 22, 2015

Austin Habitat Wins Green Builder of the Year Award (ABJ) -- February 27, 2015

Austin Habitat for Humanity Gives Families Hand Up (The Austinot) -- February 11, 2015 


The 10th Annual Blitz Build (KVUE) -- December 2014 

Rising from the Halloween Flood (Austin Chronicle) -- December 26, 2014 

Habitat Finds a New Home (ABJ) -- October 31, 2014

Kelly Weiss, President & CEO wins Austin Chamber of Commerce Executive Leadership Award (ABJ) -- August 28, 2014

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Gets a Home of her Own (KXAN) -- August 18, 2014

5 Families Receive Keys to New Homes (KEYE) -- January 11, 2014

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