Memorial and Honorary Gifts


Austin Habitat for Humanity takes special care of gifts given in honor of or in memory of loved ones. By making such a gift you are not only memorializing or honoring those who deserve recognition, you are investing in Austin.


  • Gifts in honor are usually made to provide special recognition for a family member, friend or colleague particularly for his or her birthday, wedding, anniversary or volunteer service.
  • Gifts in memory are made to recognize someone dear to the donor who has passed away and to celebrate his or her life.


Just a few simple steps:

When making your online gift:

  • Check the box to indicate that your gift is a tribute to someone special
  • In the "Tribute Information" box, include the name of the honoree; and the recipient and address  if you would like for them to receive a gift notification. 
  • After your gift is processed, the person being honored is notified of the gift and who made it.  Dollar amounts are not revealed, only the sentiment.  For gifts in memory, the family is notified.


Or, if you prefer, send this gift by mail.