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Meet our Team
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Chief Executive Officer


Phyllis Snodgrass
Chief Executive Officer
512-472-8788 x 105                                    




Greg Anderson
Director of Community Affairs
512-472-8788 x 116  

Robert Watts
Director of Regional Operations
512-472-8788 x 121

Real Estate Development

Andy Alarcon, AICP
Director of Real Estate Development
512-472-8788 x 247

Finance & Administration

Lori Steiner
Chief Financial Officer
512-472-8788 x 114


Leasa Whiteaker
Accounting Manager
512-472-8788 x 108

Patti Farr
Office Manager
512-472-8788 x 100

Client Services

Wayne Gerami
VP of Client Services
512-472-8788 x 417 
NMLS #1436154

Bertie Flores
Housing Counselor
512-472-8788 x 122

Silvio Cruz
Lending Supervisor
512-472-8788 x 115

Community outreach & engagement 

Sarah Joiner
VP of Engagement
512-472-8788 x 106

Maria Darr
Volunteer Engagement Manager
512-472-8788 x 101

development, Communications, & Sponsorships 

Mary Campana
VP of Development
512-472-8788 x 419


Becca Halbert
Director of Corporate Sponsorships
512-472-8788 x 124

Kate Reznick
Grants Manager
512-472-8788 x 117

Lindsey Bates
Communications Manager
512-472-8788 x131




Billy Whipple
VP of Construction
512-472-8788 x 104 

Claire Walpole
Staff Architect/Project Manager
512-472-8788 x 246

Amanda Martinez
Home Repair Program Manager
512-472-8788 x 411

John Poynor
Home Repair Project Manager
512-472-8788 x 242

Daniel Brown
Warehouse Manager
512-472-8788 x 244

Austin Evers
New Construction Director

Pete Street
Site Manager

Brandon Gardner
Site Manager




William Stockton
VP of Retail
512-472-8788 x 112 


Link Williams
Director of Procurement
512-472-8788 x 215

 Jamie Hatton
ReStore Marketing Manager
512-472-8788 x 126 

Carlos Garcia
General Manager Austin ReStore
512-478-2165 x 202

Brandon Paddock
General Manager San Marcos ReStore

Terrell Harper
Assistant Manager Austin ReStore
512-478-2165 x 202

Justin Carter
Assitant Manager San Marcos ReStore


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Why Support Austin Habitat?

By building and repairing homes in partnership with low-income families, Austin Habitat has been building a better Austin since 1985.

Safe and stable homes are the foundation of successful families and communities.

The affordable housing crisis in our community forces many families to move frequently, locate further from their jobs, and live in overcrowded, deteriorating conditions.