The Lopez Family

Sponsored by the Fall Faith Community

Jorge and Barbara Lopez met in Austin Texas in 1998 while Jorge was living in Texas temporarily from Colombia to study.  After falling in love, Jorge married Barbara and decided to pursue his dreams in the U.S.A.   Now, 15 years later, they have four children, Jennifer (13), Yeshua (5), Andrew (4) and Gabriel (2).  Barbara left school to take care of her children but has been working as a collection agent for the past three years, while Jorge is completing his degree.   He is currently studying Divinity at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.   He graduates in December 2014 and looks forward to serving the community as a minister as he did back in Colombia.

The family of six currently lives in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment where the three eldest children share a room and the youngest shares with Jorge and Barbara.  Not only is the apartment way too small for the large family but it is also very expensive.   The apartment is not the safe, decent home the family needs and deserves.  Between the high rent of an Austin apartment, bills, groceries, tuition and basic living expenses for a family of six, they were struggling to keep themselves afloat.

When Jorge and Barbara heard about the Habitat program, they were filled with hope. Jorge was excited to act on his faith and help the community build homes as they helped him build a home for his precious wife and children.  They have enjoyed working with other families and feeling as if they are a part of the larger Habitat family.  “Everyone is supporting each other.  Everyone is working so hard for the greater good,” Jorge said of his experience with Habitat. Barbara hopes that with an affordable home she will be able to go back to school and pursue her dreams of being a cosmetologist.   She hopes they both will be able to do what they truly love.

The Lopez family is looking forward to space- space to invite family and friends over; space to study; space to breathe and grow as a family; space in their budget to save for school for Barbara and the children.  Jorge expressed his sincere gratitude to all of the volunteers and the Faith Community sponsors for helping his family, “Thank you very much for helping us. May God bless all of you for giving us this opportunity.  We rejoice seeing people’s dreams come true. People need home and they need help. We are forever grateful.”


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