Habitat Young Professionals

Good times. good friends. good cause.

Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) is a fresh approach to developing strong social networks. Through service to the community - and some weilding of power tools - the future leaders of Austin come together in HYP.

Coming from a variety of professions, HYP members devote their individual talents and resources to making a difference in one of Austin's most critical areas of need: affordability. As a HYP member, you are an invaluable part of Austin Habitat for Humanity's mission to build homes, communities and hope.

Why we do it

Housing prices in Austin continue to rise, making it harder for low-income families to buy or rent. Austin Habitat offers them the opportunity to buy an affordable home, helping keep Austin the diverse and vibrant city that we love. HYP is committed to this goal and to the professional development of Austin's leaders. HYP helps its members develop and improve their leadership skills through a variety of social, service, and educational opportunities. It's also a great opportunity for those interested in being on a nonprofit board and advancing their careers.










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  • exclusive social events
  • exclusive volunteer opportunities
  • discounted admissions to HYP fundraising events
  • free admission to select HYP member appreciation events
  • leadership opportunities
  • solid network of socially responsible professionals
  • tangible impact on the Austin community


2018 HYP Board

Ted Sniderman, Chair
Bryce Billing, Secretary

Communications Committee

Katie Doucet
Lindsay Smith

Advocacy Committee

Abra Palmer
Megan Kempf

Events Committee

Josh Berger
Andrew Gerding
Stephanie Browne
Crystal Turnbull
Christine Meier

Membership Committee

Sean Bell
Kyle Hoskins
Andrew Gerding

Sponsorship Committee

Adam Garrett

Volunteer Committee

Arianne Sclerandi





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