The Huerta Family

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Sergio and Guadalupe Huerta moved from Chihuahua, Mexico in 2008 in search of better opportunities and a better life. Sergio had family in Austin and always enjoyed the city when he visited. It seemed like the perfect place for their family to call home for their growing family. They now have three adorable children: Ian (8), Manuel (3), and Mia (2).

Sergio found work as an Office Furniture Installer and has been working hard to provide for his family while Guadalupe stays home and cares for their children. The family loves to go to the park together and ride bikes as well as spend time with the family they have in Austin. Sergio and Guadalupe have always been focused on friends and family and providing a safe and loving environment for their children. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to provide the home they desired since Austin has become increasingly less affordable every year. They currently live in a two bedroom apartment where the three children share a small bedroom. The apartment does not receive proper maintenance from their landlord and is very expensive. The family also feels the neighborhood they are living in is not safe and their apartment lacks adequate security precautions.

When Sergio heard about the Habitat program, he saw that opportunity he had been searching for in The United States. This was his family’s chance to create a stable, safe and happy future. “It is exciting working with other families trying to create a neighborhood where we feel like a community- a family. We all want the same thing,” Sergio explained, “We are so grateful for our sponsors, volunteers, families and Austin Habitat for making this dream possible.” The family is so excited to start building their own home and finally have the space, security and peace they have desired for so long. Sergio also looks forward to having a beer with the people who have made this possible.


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