A home after receiving a new roof and a fresh coat of paint thanks to Austin Habitat and a community of sponsors and volunteers.

Home Repair

Providing help with home repairs for low-income families in Austin

Austin Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair Program works to alleviate substandard living conditions and to preserve Austin’s existing affordable housing stock through critical home repairs. The repairs are considered critical when they improve the health, safety, accessibility, and/or energy efficiency of residents and their homes.

Austin Habitat volunteers pause during a critical home repair. 

How it works

Austin Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair Program fills an important need of alleviating substandard living conditions for people living in high poverty. This program typically serves seniors and people with disabilities – often in historic neighborhoods – who have limited resources to complete the repairs themselves.
Austin Habitat utilizes the nationally recognized Green and Healthy Home Initiative to provide a holistic, whole-house approach to critical repairs and to prioritize repairs based on the highest impact for clients. This program is not meant for cosmetic changes – it is meant to improve the safety, accessibility, and health of you and your home. 


Types of Repairs

This program serves homes that are free-standing, single family homes (not a duplex, condo, trailer, or mobile home) within corporate city limits of Austin, as well as the counties of Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell, and Hays. The home must be owner-occupied and more than 10 years old. Repair examples include: 

  • Installing ADA ramps/grab-bars
  • Widening doorways 
  • Bathroom modifications 
  • Replacing deteriorating roofs 
  • Diminishing common causes of asthma including cockroach infestation, dust mites in old carpeting, mold, and air pollution
  • Replacing old windows 
  • Upgrading electrical 
  • Drywall and flooring repair 
  • Structural carpentry relating to structural integrity 
  • Plumbing 
  • Heating & cooling 
  • Exterior siding


Homeowner Selection Criteria

1.  Need 

A.  Home must be in substandard condition in regards to structural deficiency, safety, or weatherization concerns.
B.  Homeowner must provide proof their yearly income is less than 80% MFI for their household size. Use the chart below to see the income limits for your household size.

2019 Income Limit
# of People Annual Income Limit
1 $52,850
2 $60,400
3 $67,950
4 $75,500
5 $81,550
6 $87,600
7 $93,650
8 $99,700

2.  Ability to Pay

A.  The mandatory $150 program fee covers the cost of a criminal background check, application processing, and in-home construction assessment. 
B.  Ownership of the home must be stable. 
I.  You must not be in danger of bankruptcy, being condemned, foreclosure, or more than 2 months behind on your mortgage payments. 
II.  Bank statements must reflect sound financial stability.
III. Applicant is current on all property taxes.
IV. Must have full homeowners insurance or willingness to acquire.

3.  Willingness to Partner

A.  Submitting required documents in a timely manner.
B.  Accommodating site assessments.
C.  Assisting with repairs to the best of your abilities.
D.  Participating in program evaluation.
E.  Allowing Austin Habitat to share your story with sponsors and volunteers.



Our Supporters     


Donald D. Hammill Foundation


Theodore P. Davis Charitable Trust


Austin Habitat for Humanity is a contracted partner with City of Austin Neighborhood Housing & Community Development’s G.O. Repair! Program. This funding makes it possible for our program to serve low-income homeowners within the Corporate City Limits of Austin, TX.


This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families.