The Mendez-Salcedo

& Gort Calvo Family

Sponsored by The House That Tech Built

Rolando and Maritza moved to Austin from Cuba nine years ago. They knew that if they were going to live their best life, they had to live it in the United States.  “Our dream was to be independent, have a safe home and give our son many opportunities to have a great life,” the couple explained. Their son, Daniel is now 14 and doing very well in school .Rolando and Maritza are confident he is on the right track to attend college in a few short years and become very successful.

When Maritza lived in Cuba, she was a respected teacher and loved her job. Unfortunately, she has been unable to teach in America due to language barriers and other restricting criteria. She has been, instead, an overnight inventory stocker for a retail superstore for the past eight years. Rolando has yet to find stable employment.  This has made it difficult for the family to also find stable and affordable housing. They currently live in a two bedroom apartment where the rent is so high and the area is not safe. They are constantly dealing with loud disturbances and problematic neighbors. 

Despite the environment, the family has been able to keep Daniel safe and focused on his studies. He has been on the honor roll for the past five years, is very athletic and plays the saxophone. The family is hoping that the money they save from not renting will keep him safe and help them afford college. Rolando hopes the family will just be able to relax and not worry about making enough money to scrape by and hopes he will be able to find a good job.  They are thrilled to have this opportunity to own a home and are so grateful to all of the sponsors and volunteers who helping them make it happen. “Thank you. You are amazing people. This home will be in good hands.  You are helping us more than you could ever know. You will always be in our hearts,” Rolando shared.

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