Zero Waste. Zero Hassle. 100% Community. 

The Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s DeConstruction Program is the answer to your demolition dilemma: “what do I do about all of this stuff? How do I even dismantle it?”

From refrigerators and bathtubs to cabinets and sinks, the ReStore DeConstruction specialists will come in before your demolition contractors and remove reusable appliances and materials at no-cost! This not only keeps your demolition green by recycling the materials, but also provides a unique community benefit. Once our DeConstruction specialists remove it, all items are taken and sold in the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a discount retail outlet where sales help fund Austin Habitat’s building of affordable communities throughout Central Texas.  

Because of where your demolition materials are recycled, they will count as tax-deductible charitable donations and their cost can be written-off in your next fiscal year.

Our Deconstruction services DO NOT include renovations. 

Contact 512-472-8788 x 215 or restore@ahfh.org today if you’re interested in
making your demolition deductible, green and community-oriented!


Deconstruction Specialists


Charles Johnson

DeConstruction Manager

Charles has worked for the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore since 2012 and has been managing the DeConstruction Program for the last 3 years. Coming from a background in varying building trades, Charles’ can deconstruct and dismantle reusable materials safely, efficiently and quickly.




Why ReStore

Generates revenue that helps Austin Habitat for Humanity build affordable communities throughout Central Texas.
Serves as a community recycling center diverting millions of pounds of reusable materials from Austin landfills each year.
Provides affordably priced and diverse selection of home improvement and lifestyle items.

Common Recycled Items















Lighting fixtures
(indoor & outdoor)