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Drawing from the Habitat mission, the Build for Unity project brings people together of all different faiths and backgrounds to put aside their differences and build strong, and stable communities. We can change lives and be the foundation to building the love and unity our community needs. Working together, side by side, promotes understanding and self-reliance. 
Thank you for joining us as we build strong, stable and self-reliant communities!

A donation that is meaningful to your organization would provide the opportunity to volunteer and engage with the Habitat homeowner on the construction site


Meet the Martinez Family

Daniel Martinez used to work as a maintenance worker at the Austin airport, but he’s now retired. Rosa Martinez previously worked in the hotel industry for over 15 years and is now a manager at a laundry mat. The couple lives in their daughter’s house in South Austin in a four-bedroom home, but it’s crowded. Some family members are forced to sleep in the living room, and everyone has different work hours so noise can be a problem. Daniel and Rosa are ready to be independent and have a home to call their own!

How You Can Help

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Volunteer Dates Available: 9/8    9/15    9/22    9/29    10/6    10/13    10/20    10/27    11/3    11/10

To Volunteer:

To volunteer contact Becca Halbert at 512-472-8788 ext. 124 or for more information.