The Bounoua Family

Noureddine and Nadiya Bounoua received the opportunity of a lifetime when Noureddine was selected for a lottery Visa that would allow him to move to the United States from Morocco in 2002. The two were planning to start a family soon and their future was looking brighter and brighter. Nadiya gave birth to their first daughter, Meryam (now 6), in Morocco but the two were able to join him in the U.S. in 2009. They have since had another daughter, Wiam (3) and are expecting a baby boy in September. The family is very happy here and the parents are excited to raise their children in the “land of opportunity”.

Noureddine has been working as a cab driver since 2007 and Nadiya has been focusing on taking care of the children and maintaining a home. Unfortunately, the family currently lives in an expensive two bedroom apartment with many maintenance issues. This whole summer they have been without a working air conditioner and experiencing plumbing problems. These are not ideal living conditions for growing family. Noureddine found out about Austin Habitat from a friend who recently became a Habitat homeowner. He was anxious to find out if he could qualify and seize another great opportunity for his family’s safety, health and future.


The Bounoua Family was not approved initially for the program but worked diligently with Austin Habitat’s financial and housing counselors to become ready for homeownership.  The second time they applied, they were armed with the tools they needed to become homeowners. Noureddine is proud to be able to give his family a home. He has learned amny new skills on the construction site building his neighbors’ homes and is looking forward to raising the walls of his own very soon.  “Meryam is thrilled that she will have her own room and space to play and play…and play,” Nourredine shared with a smile, “We are just so happy to have a backyard, space, and most of all, freedom.”  He continued to share his gratitude, “This opportunity is life changing and I am so thankful for all those who have helped us get here and continue to help us on this journey.”