The Bezabhe Family

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Yeheyis Bezabhe moved from Ethiopia in 2007 to start his new life. He was to be married and looking forward to a bright future in America. Everything has not gone exactly as planned for Yeheyis but he has proved to be perseverant and positive.

He is now divorced, and a single father of his 19 month old daughter, Meklit. Everything he does, he does for the love of his daughter. He brought his mother, Zenebech, over from Ethiopia in 2012 and she cares for Meklit while Yeheyis works as a Production Operator at a global pharmaceutical and medical device company. 

Since an early age, Yeheyis has loved helping people and always admired doctors and nurses. That is whyhe got into the medical field, but he hopes to one day be a nurse. However, he has discovered that you can’t pursue your dreams easily without first having stable affordable housing, which he has been unable to do. He, Zenebech, and Meklit all live in a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. Yeheyis sleeps on the couch while his mother and daughter share a room. Yeheyis wants better for the two most important women in his life.

When he learned about the Habitat program, he saw his chance- his chance to provide decent housing for his family that he could actually afford, and his chance to pursue his dreams. “My wish is that I can create a better life for my daughter. If I have an affordable house, I can have a stable life. I can pursue my goals to be a nurse and help my daughter pursue her goals as she grows up.”

A requirement of the Habitat program is working 300 sweat equity hours in classses, and building your home as well as homes for other families. Yehyes is has loved helping other hardworking families build their homes. He has learned so much through the program. Not only has he learned important home building and maintenance skills, but also the spirit of community on the construction site. “We all help each other. I work hard for them and they work hard for me. We all need help and it feels great that we can provide that help and receive that help.” Yeheyis knows there are more people helping him than just those he has met on site and in the office and wants everyone who has lent a hand or a dollar to know how grateful he is. “I don’t have the words…it will be life changing. Thank you for everything. God bless you."

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