Join Austin Habitat for Humanity at 7020 Zachary Drive, Austin, Texas 78724 for the ATX Community Build Wall Raising on September 12th at 8 AM! Come celebrate raising the first walls of the Hussein and Mansour family home.

Not only do we live in an exciting and innovative city, we live in a unique community full of companies who call Austin home, whether they’ve been here forever or have just put down roots. With all of this incredible growth comes more opportunities to build affordable homes for hardworking members of our Austin community. Help us celebrate this growth and the patchwork of unique companies that make up this great city by joining the ATX Community Build and supporting the Hussein and Mansour family.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Becca Halbert at 512-472-8788 ext. 124 or for more information.


Thank you for joining us as we build strong, stable and self-reliant communities!