The Arellano Family

Jessica is an Austin, TX native and has lived in town her entire life. She has been a part of the Habitat program for a long time, waiting for the perfect location for her future home. Jessica was drawn to the Egger Street community because it’s the neighborhood she grew up in and her relatives still reside there.

Jessica was a young mother, having her first child at just 13 years old. It was tough raising her children on her own, especially at such a young age. Jessica’s goals have always been about family – she wants to be the best mom she can and the best wife to her husband. She wants her children to look up to her as she puts them through school and provides for them so that they know anything is possible with hard work. 

Currently, Jessica works as an Account Management Professional (banker) at Amplify Credit Union. She lives in an apartment on Riverside, where the residents treat the complex poorly, and the thing she hates the most is how crowded the apartments are. As a busy mom, Jessica says she has no time for hobbies or interests, but she would like to spend her time watching movies with her husband and children, go out to dinner, and relax with a glass of wine when possible.

What Jessica looks forward to the most about becoming a homeowner is that a house will give a stable foundation for her family, which has been a challenge to attain as they’ve moved every year since 2007. It’s been rough to find something they can afford, and having a place to call home will allow their kids to grow up and make long-term friends. Jessica looks forward to making the home her own and even giving gardening a try!