Annual Reports

                    2013 Annual Report - Celebrating Life's Firsts                    2012 Annual Report - Opening Doors to Opportunity

                    2013 Annual Report - Celebrating Life's Firsts





2015 Financial Audit Report
2015 Austin Habitat 990
2015 Austin Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat 990


2014 Financial Audit Report
2014 Austin Habitat 990 
2014 Austin Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat 990 


2013 Financial Audit Report
2013 Austin Habitat 990
2013 Austin Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat 990


2012 Financial Audit Report
2012 Austin Habitat 990
2012 Austin Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat 990


2011 Annual Report
2011 Financial Audit Report
2011 Austin Habitat 990
2011 Austin Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat 990

Austin Habitat for Humanity’s mortgage recycling program is a unique economic model designed to promote financial self-sufficiency. Through the support of generous donors and volunteer labor, Austin Habitat is able to offer families zero-percent interest mortgages, which homeowners pay off over 30 years. Each monthly payment is recycled into the operating budget to help finance future homes.

The Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore continues to provide a sustainable source of revenue for our mission. The ReStore accepts donations of gently used construction and remodeling material for resale and reuse in the community.

Austin Habitat for Humanity has been awarded a coveted 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for our corporate and fiscal responsibility and management. Charity Navigator ranks every U.S. non-profit based upon their commitment to project funding and limited administrative costs.